The return of a badass, truly never lost.

That’s right, I do plan on someday making a full recovery in the MMO genre though until then I feel it is right to play low and enjoy my time until then. Ever since I was younger MMORPGs have been my interest, and once I grew bored with what I was doing I decided to change my genre up a bit. I played since launch on when World of Warcraft grew into something popular and I cannot express enough on how interesting I thought the game was, nevertheless addicted I was to the content itself. I have been healing in any type of MMO for years; WoW, TERA, Aion, anything really with of course along side my first character I have ever made being my Undead Warlock in WoW. Healing is just a passion I found when I tried it out and decided this was a job in groups I enjoyed above all, the fact and thrill of keeping everyone alive and you holding that ability just makes it worth wild. Sure I mean tanking is something special in WoW as well but let’s be honest here; it’s not difficult to sit there and smack a encounter for aggro. World of Warcraft babysat tanks to where you could use one ability and move out of shit and be successful in your role. Congratulations you proved you are not a fucking idiot, because if you were to stand in shit and not turn the boss when need be then I would call you blind. Because that’s all it really is, is being able to see or not see the abilities are are being used. I ran WoW on a Compac computer, shitty right? I was able to see all abilities that were needed on the lowest setting of graphics possible, and if i could see them then there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t. Using cool downs to survive is not a hard obstacle either, you press two buttons when you need too and research your class (which everyone should do PERIOD) then what makes that role a harder role above a healer? The fact you need to be aware, savor your mana, make sure everyone that needs to be topped off is (with the help of other healers of course), and use cool downs as well. I believe healing has the most pressure then a damage dealer or a tank does period, I mean perhaps I am putting the tanking role in a shameful position because without them taking the hits there would be no encounter. I am not saying they are useless, I am saying they are not something to brag or boost about in my opinion. I use to Bear tank, Warrior Tank, Paladin Tank, and I even mustered up the dislike for Death knights and tried Blood out as well. A Paladin tank is literally three buttons if that, you’re about to die? Lay on Hands, you wanna hit multiple targets for a high threat ratio? Use your Avenger’s Shield. Death Knights are absolutely no better, and by far the most easy tank to control mobs with. No skill is needed, just roll your face and you will be fine. Bear tanks I will give credit too, I rarely seen them and when I did they actually were about to put out a good portion of damage along with barely taking damage as well as holding a higher threat then a failadin or a fag knight. However I will say a Warrior tank is under-estimated because you see morons playing them, and taking hits for half their health everyone comes to the conclusion they are shit. Well you are absolutely 100% wrong, in fact I find it easier to heal a warrior tank that actually knows what the fuck he is doing then a Paladin that doesn’t take any damage period but stands in EVERYTHING and picks his ass while doing an encounter.

My point is, since I completely went off track is I find healing a higher skilled role then a tank; which I have had questions about in the past. “Why did you stop playing your bear?” Simple, I wanted a better challenge and I got it. Now most of you who tank reading this will easily comment saying “you just can’t tank correct” or “you think healing is hard”. Well I never once said healing was hard, I did say it was more complex when standing there taking a beating. Explain to me how to “tank correctly” aside from “tanking incorrectly”? I mean it should be common sense when and when not to use your cool downs to reduce damage taken, as well as  positioning a boss encounter correctly away from which way the party is facing. What is the CORRECT way to tank? Also for those who say I think healing is hard, it’s not and I never claimed it to be, however I do understand enough to know it’s more complex then tanking. I use to plead with groups to just change to a damage secondary spec and let me solo heal encounters, even before content was nerfed just to ease the encounter into a more suitable standing. If I knew the tanks were way to squishy, or the damage was to far of a lost cause to even attempt to begin the encounter I would inspect them all before we made the pull. I would be willing to bet 99% of you who do call me out on this, would exclude this idea from your mind before the encounter. So before you speak, look at the world logs for Phase Two and then call me out with your logic bullshit.

This is a blog to voice opinions right? Bring them!


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